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Implant Studio

Implant Studio

Implant Studio

Supplement your 3Shape Dental System with 3Shape Implant Studio® software to easily design and produce surgical guides, and optionally offer implant planning. Providing such implant services helps you secure the order, including the complete implant restoration which you easily produce by utilizing the planning information and Dental System's design workflows.

Implant planning with Implant Studio

Easily plan implant positions based on an initial crown design, or apply planning received from the dentist. Use 3Shape Communicate or other communication tools to quickly share and confirm your planning results.

NEW Tooth or bone supported surgical guides

Easily design tooth supported or bone supported* surgical guides based on the implant planning. Offer dentists surgical guide design services so they can 3D print in-house for same day implant treatment. Or alternatively, offer complete design and production of surgical guides in your lab.

Provide the complete implant restoration package

Apply your implant planning to easily create customized abutments (healing and final), temporary screw retained crowns and bridges and the final prosthetics in Dental System.

Bone supported surgical guides are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US

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