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Dentsply Sirona inLab SW 22.0

Dentsply Sirona inLab SW 22.0

inLab CAD Software 22.0 — New possibilities for the digital denture design

The latest iteration of inLab CAD software, version 22.0, brings forth significant enhancements in the realm of digital dentures. Key features include:

  1. Full-Over-Natural Dentures (Single Arch Denture): With inLab CAD SW 22.0, dental labs can now seamlessly create full-over-natural dentures, providing patients with enhanced comfort and aesthetics.
  2. Streamlined CEREC Guide 3 Design Workflow: The software introduces a completely improved workflow for designing CEREC Guide 3. Dentists can efficiently plan implant placement, ensuring precision and patient satisfaction.
  3. Seamless Integration of Primemill: The Primemill machine is now seamlessly integrated into inLab CAD SW 22.0. This synergy enhances production capabilities, allowing for precise milling of restorations.
  4. Modernized User Interface: A fresh facelift has been applied to the software’s graphical user interface. Not only does it create a seamless transition to other Dentsply Sirona software products, but it also provides a contemporary and intuitive user experience.
inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs
  • Integrated workflow for single arch dentures (NEW) and full dentures
  • Scan of edentulous single arch models or impressions, or full arch models with inEos X5
inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

New digitally millable and printable denture tooth libraries for

  • Dentsply Sirona Digital Portrait
  • Dentsply Sirona Digital Genios
inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Gingiva optimizations with improved initial proposals, new denture base parameters, and advanced editing tools

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Scanning with inEos X5

The scanning phase of the inLab Software provides support with a clear user interface, step menu, and interactive help - for a fast and complete scanning process.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Model phase

inLab CAD Software guides through the model phase, generates an initial proposal for the denture base line, and supports the automated model analysis, based on proven positioning concepts.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs


The inLab CAD Software offers two options for tooth set-up: the individual tooth set-up according to the biogeneric principle or the selection from a digital tooth library.

More flexibility and ease of use

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Support of CEREC Primemill

CEREC Primemill can now be selected as manufacturing unit. The machine and material parameters are taken into account accordingly during design with inLab CAD Software.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Support of CEREC Guide 3

inLab CAD Software supports now the design of CEREC Guide 3 surgical guides for the Dentsply Sirona implant systems Ankylos®, Astra Tech Implant System® EV, and Xive®.*

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Support of PrimeTaper

Implant supported restoration design for the PrimeTaper implant system from Dentsply Sirona.**

*CEREC Guide 3 does not yet support Dentsply Sirona Prime Taper.
**Due to various certification and registration periods, not all products are available in all countries.

New user interface

The latest version of inLab Software introduces a redesigned user interface that combines aesthetics with functionality. Users can now enjoy extensive visual improvements, ensuring a pleasant and intuitive experience. Additionally, the harmonized appearance facilitates seamless transitions between different Dentsply Sirona software applications. Whether designing restorations or managing production orders, the revamped inLab Software streamlines workflows and enhances productivity.

Professional and flexible manufacturing

The new harmonized user interface of inLab CAM Software 22 provides an item-based workflow for improved clarity about planned production orders for inLab MC X5, inLab MC XL, and – NEW – for CEREC Primemill.

  • Job definition by object (restoration design) and workpiece (blank or block)
  • Job collection for further processing and comfortable sort function

Single arch dentures in the administration phase

Manufacturing options

A choice is made between the "Denture teeth" and "Individual teeth" design options for the indication.

Try-in option

Optionally, a monolithic try-in can be added and defined with appropriate manufacturing options.

Segmenting teeth using the dental chart

When opting for a denture with individual teeth, the connectors between these teeth are automatically positioned. Once the tooth arch is segmented by removing the connectors, the resulting arch segments are individually documented in the case details. This approach allows for flexible design and manufacturing of the tooth segments, catering to both aesthetic preferences and specific manufacturing needs.

Specification of the denture using the case details

When configuring relevant case details, practitioners can efficiently define parameters using intuitive selection menus and a straightforward click-based interface. Within each case, objects are composed of two essential sub-components: "Denture teeth" and "Denture base". For precise tooth selection, detailed preview images assist in choosing the appropriate size and mold for both anterior and posterior teeth.

Support of CEREC Primemill with inLab CAM Software

  • Extra fine grinding of glass ceramics considerably faster than with CEREC or inLab MC XL
  • Super fast milling of zirconium oxide
inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

For efficient material utilization and for optimized nesting in the block (e.g. with multi-layer blocks) the object can manually be shifted and rotated.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

The individual settings of detail level (very high/high/low) and processing mode (fast/rough/smooth) determine tool selection and processing time.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs

Sprue position and sprue type can be manually adjusted individually.

inLab CAD Software - Zahn Dental Labs
*All design files in *.stl file format are beyond the intended use of the respective Dentsply Sirona production system and potentially inadequate. Dentsply Sirona rejects liability for all possible risks to the user, third parties and the production device itself with all associated components when processing designs based on *.stl file format.

Why would inLab CAD Software be perfect for your dental lab?

Modular and Individual Dental Design Solutions

  • inLab CAD Software offers modular design solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re working on basic indications, implant cases, or removable prostheses, the individual modules have you covered.
  • Additionally, the interface module serves as a valuable add-on for seamless integration.

Intuitive and Familiar User Experience

  • The user-friendly interface guides you swiftly through the design process. The virtual articulator and jaw-oriented biogeneric settings assist you in creating personalized prosthesis designs.

Open and Economical CAD Components

  • The standalone CAD components are open, allowing flexible STL integration.
  • Benefit from the versatile usability of the software modules, catering to a vast range of indications.

Experience efficient design workflows and professional results with inLab CAD Software.