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Formlabs Form 3B

Formlabs Form 3B

Form 3B

Formlabs Form 3B

Empower your dental lab with the most precise and reliable dental 3D printing solution. Cost-effectively produce parts you’ll be proud of to deliver for a wide range of indications.

A Simple and Consistent Workflow: From software to print monitoring and automated post-processing tools, Formlabs offers a hassle-free and clean workflow that fits any dental lab.

Larger Build Volume, Lower Cost: Print 2–3 times more parts in a single build plate. DLP printers are on the market to help you spend less time handling your printer and more time on high-value tasks.

Built to Scale with Your Needs: Add new 3D printers and post-processing units to your fleet as the demand grows without breaking the bank.

High-Accuracy 3D Printing Resins for Dental Labs

Bring production in-house or improve existing workflows with high-accuracy 3D printing resins from Formlabs. These dental resins empower dental labs to rapidly manufacture biocompatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, clear aligner models, and full dentures.

Validated Printing Resins:

  • Formlabs Resin
  • BEGO Resin
Permanent Crown Resin
Permanent Crown Resin
Dental LT Clear Resin (V2)
Custom Tray Resin

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