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XTCERA X-Mill 500 Plus

XTCERA X-Mill 500 Plus


XTCERA X-Mill 500 Plus

Advanced 5-axis dry milling for zirconia, wax, and PMMA

The X-Mill 500 features 5-Axis Simultaneous Processing, 90° Full Arch Facial Milling, and Auto Calibration makes detail milling more convenient as well as simplifies the entire workflow, making this mill the perfect solution for any laboratory. Its Sturdy Construction makes for consistent accuracy and performance with high-speed and high-precision, day in and day out.

It can automatically select the best processing parameters and uses multiple intelligence and protection procedures. The X-Mill 500 Plus can complete one-button operation, automatically replace the bur during the entire process, automatically detect the length of the bur, automatically correct the bur, and adopt a tool magazine that can hold 8 burs. The maximum speed of spindle can be up to 60000 rpm, which is extremely strong, accurate, and reliable. This mill has strong adaptability and selects different processing strategies according to the type of materials to meet your diverse needs.

Technical Specifications

Name X-Mill 500 Plus Milling Machine
Dimension 630 x 730 x 700 mm
Net weight Approximately 197kg
Input voltage Single phase AC 220V
Spindle power Width, Depth, Height = 23.62 in. x 29.25 in. x 32.75 in.
Axis quantity 5
Milling range XYZ: 110/160/80mm A: ±30° B: 360°
Milling mode Dry milling
Max speed 60,000 rpm
Max feeding speed XYZ: 6000 mm/min
Bur capacity 8
Bur changing Automatic
Cooling Water cooling
Materials zirconia, wax, acril, aluminum, soft metal