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XTCERA Milling Machines

XTCERA Milling Machines


Dry Milling Has Met Its Match

XTCERA X-Mill 500 Plus

Auto-calibration function simplifies the whole workflow


  • Superior performance: Highly sealed processing chamber for better dustproofing and accuracy up to 2 microns
  • Intelligent monitoring: Enhanced situational awareness, real-time status warnings, and convenient remote-control operation
  • Versatile processing: Suitable for a wide range of materials, including fast cutting of hard materials like zirconia
  • Enhanced safety features: Automatic start-stop and restart functions, reducing safety hazards
  • Sleek design: Modern appearance with a simple, glossy finish and easy-to-clean surface

The X-Mill 500 features 5-Axis Simultaneous Processing, 90° Full Arch Facial Milling, and Auto Calibration makes detail milling more convenient as well as simplifies the entire workflow, making this mill the perfect solution for any laboratory. Its Sturdy Construction makes for consistent accuracy and performance with high-speed and high-precision, day in and day out.

It can automatically select the best processing parameters and uses multiple intelligence and protection procedures. The X-Mill 500 Plus can complete one-button operation, automatically replace the bur during the entire process, automatically detect the length of the bur, automatically correct the bur, and adopt a tool magazine that can hold 8 burs. The maximum speed of spindle can be up to 60000 rpm, which is extremely strong, accurate, and reliable. This mill has strong adaptability and selects different processing strategies according to the type of materials to meet your diverse needs.

XTCERA X-Mill 580 DC

A high-speed precision milling center for hard materials


  • Automatic 12-disc changer for 24 hours of continuous processing
  • Material options complete with the 12 material adapters for various shades of zirconia or any combination of material discs
  • Intelligent monitoring, self-diagnosis of tool status
  • Remotely control the computer to keep track of the machine status

The X-Mill 580 DC features a low center of gravity inherited from the zirconia horizontal machining structure, with material storage above the processing section to reduce its width footprint. With a built-in mechanical arm for automatic loading and unloading and a 12-piece storage capacity with automatic management system, it requires no human intervention allowing for 24 hours of continuous processing. The X-Mill 580 DC is equipped with a large-capacity tool magazine featuring tool life and redundancy management systems for intelligent tool switching. Its high-power spindle can handle tough materials like zirconia, ultra-hard resin, and PMMA. Customizable machining queue management function allows you to create personalized lists. It is integrated with X-Mill Monitor platform for remote monitoring and control.

Technical Specifications

Name X-Mill 500 Plus Milling Machine X-Mill 580 DC Milling Machine
Dimensions 630 x 730 x 700 mm 950 x 750 x 1,750 mm
Net weight Approximately 197kg Approximately 360kg
Input voltage AC 220V AC 220V
Spindle power 1.8kw 1.8kw
Axis quantity 5 5
Milling range XYZ: 110/160/80mm A: ±30° B: 360° XYZ: 160/100/90mm A :±30° B: 360°
Repeated positioning accuracy 3µm 3µm
Milling mode Dry milling Dry milling
Max speed 60,000 rpm 60,000 rpm
Max feeding speed XYZ: 6000 mm/min XYZ: 6000 mm/min
Bur capacity 8 10
Bur changing Automatic Automatic
Spindle cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Tool change mode N/A Automatic
Disk changer magazine N/A 12/Automatic
Materials zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, soft metal zirconia, wax, PMMA
Milling time zirconia crown: 8mins, wax: 3mins, PMMA: 10mins, PEEK: 10mins, soft metal: 10mins zirconia crown: 8mins, wax: 3mins, PMMA: 10mins