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Desktop Health Dental 3D Printers

Desktop Health Dental 3D Printers

Desktop Health

Whether you are new to digital dentistry and additive manufacturing or looking to expand, Desktop Health Dental 3D Printers will enable your dental laboratory to produce highly esthetic, accurate, and cost-effective restorations quickly. The Desktop Health selectively open 3D printing systems enables you to use a wide range of materials that are validated for Desktop Health 3D printers including their own Flexcera resin, Model X and Model Z resin, and more.

Explore Desktop Health 3D Printers:

Einstein Dental 3D Printer

Einstein Dental 3D Printer

Validated Printing Resins:

  • Desktop Health Resins
  • KeySplint Soft
  • KeyOrtho IBT
  • BEGO Varseo Smile Crown +

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