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Einstein Dental 3D Printers

Einstein Dental 3D Printers

Desktop Health

Einstein Dental 3D Printer

Discover the Einstein™ 3D Printer by Desktop Health, specifically designed for the dental industry. The Einstein™ 3D Printer delivers on accuracy, speed, and versatility allowing you to transform your workflow from fit to finish.

The key to the Einstein printer is the proprietary NanoFit 385 technology, which ensures that every application features stunning clarity, perfect fit, and a natural looking finish.

Hyperprint™ Technology uses the power of heat and a closed-process to allow you to create a variety of dental applications, including models and dentures and everything in between with ease and at up to 50% faster speed than its predecessor.

Uses and Advantages:

  • Indications include dental models and dentures
  • More indications available based on resin selected
  • Hyperprint™ technology allows for up to 50% faster speed than its predecessor
  • Nanofit 385 technology ensures for clarity, perfect fit, and a natural looking finish

Validated Printing Resins:

  • Desktop Health resins
  • Other resin validation coming soon

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Properties Einstein™
NanoFit 385
Technology Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Wavelength 385nm
Chip 2K
Build Envelope 7.48” x 4.21” x4”
XY Native Resolution 99µm
Enhanced XY Resolution (Pixel Tuning) 65µm
Dynamic Layer Thickness (Z Resolution) 25-50-75-100-150 µm
Electrical Requirements 100-250V AC, 5A, 50 Hz/60Hz
Footprint 16” x 16” x 27.5”
Weight 75lbs
Included Warranty 1-year