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Ackuretta CURIE Plus

Ackuretta CURIE Plus


The CURIE Plus is a high-performance UV curing oven engineered to maximize efficiency, with an expanded curing space that can cure up to eight full arches simultaneously.

It features a pre-programmed library of curing parameters with online updates, ensuring optimal performance and print quality, and is validated with industry-leading dental resins. The intuitive touch screen simplifies workflows and allows for the monitoring of curing parameters. The seamless integration with SOL streamlines application workflows, making curing easier than ever before.

CURIE Plus is compatible with nitrogen tanks and generators enhancing mechanical properties and aesthetics of 3D printed applications.

CURIE Plus includes the N2 Cover Kit.

Ackuretta CURIE Plus 3D Printer

Technical Specifications:
Curing Time Cycles 1 sec. to 20 min.
Dimensions 36.6 (W) x 26 (D) x 23.4 (H) cm
14.4 (W) x 10.2 (D) x 9.2 (H) in
Weight 12.2 kg
26.9 lbs
Chamber Dimensions 20 (W) x 15 (D) x 6 (H) cm
7.9 (W) x 5.9 (D) x 2.4 (H) in
UV Wavelength 365, 385, and 405 nm
LED Lights 65
Power Consumption 500 W max.
Power Input 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Library Updates Automatic online