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Kulzer cara® Print Clean pro

Kulzer cara® Print Clean pro


Kulzer cara® Print Clean pro

cara Print Clean pro is an automated 3D printing cleaning system that agitates isopropanol to clean excess, uncured resin from 3D-printed parts.

Cleaning is the last critical step between printing and curing dental appliances. Automate your post-processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning at the push of a button while protecting yourself from too much exposure to isopropanol.

The new pro version has an even larger chamber to work seamlessly with the new cara Print 4.0 pro 3D printer.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions / weight W 19.9 x D 26.3 x H 47.4 cm / 3.7 kg (empty)
Cleaning agent Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), handle with care.
Min./ max. filling Min. 1.3, Max. 2.0 liters, depending on height of 3D printed objects
Cleaning technique Magnetic stirrer (speed: slow, medium & fast) and circuit pump
Cleaning time Cleaning time between 1 or 10 minutes possible; actual time needed depends on material and part geometry.
Max. size of printed parts W 12.4 x D 7.0 x H 13.0 cm
Recommended build table hanger Object height under 70 mm: use extended build table hanger
Object height over 70 mm: use short build table hanger
Scope of supply Lid
Short and extended build table hanger
Inner container & plug
Outer container
cara Print Clean Base
Power supply
Part tray
2 magnetic stir bars
3 extra foam gaskets
Extra container plug
Power supply Mains: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (grounded)
Warranty 1 year

Dima Cleaning & Post Curing Times

Kulzer cara® Print Clean pro

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