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What I Learned from Competing in Roland DG's Service Engineer Competition

What I Learned from Competing in Roland DG's Service Engineer Competition

What I Learned from Competing in Roland DG's Service Engineer Competition

May 9, 2018 | Jay Bergeron, Repair & Training Manager, CAP / Zahn Dental | CAD/CAM

Last week I had the honor of traveling to Japan and competing in Roland DG's third worldwide competition for service engineers. Roland DG's headquarters are located in Hamamatsu, Japan and I was fortunate to spend time with 28 of the best service engineers in the world (including three of us from the US) while we toured the Roland DG facility, participated in a machine repair competition, and learned in-depth technical details regarding machine maintenance, training, and repair. Here are a few of my key takeaways after being immersed in the Roland DG culture:

  1. Commitment to quality - Roland is committed to quality and encouraged us to work together and share the best practices and technical skills that we've all gained with our hands-on experience in the field.
  2. Product evolution - While we were there we spent some time with the Roland DG R&D team. They wanted to hear from the front lines – “what can we do better?", "how can we make this equipment more user-friendly?", and "how can we make it easier to install?" were among some of the questions they asked us to help determine the future of the product line.
  3. Fostering a community - The time in Japan wasn't just about machines and Roland DG. The 28 service engineers from around the globe exchanged best practices, forged friendships, and built on an already-growing community. This was perhaps the most enjoyable part of the entire program.

The main goal of the program is to drive a positive customer experience by way of building high-performance machines, offering a best-in-class service organization, and an ongoing commitment to innovations that result in dental restorations that are both esthetic and efficient for laboratories to produce.

I'd like to thank Roland DG for this experience of a lifetime. I look forward to continuing to work with Roland DG and to continuing as a Roland machine service engineer and after spending time with this team I can personally vouch for Roland DG's commitment to stay at the leading-edge of dental laboratory CAD CAM equipment, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Thanks for reading,

Jay Bergeron