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All-Gauze Sponge Non Sterile | Aspirator Tip

All-Gauze Sponge Non Sterile | Aspirator Tip

Henry Schein supplies All-Gauze Sponge non Sterile and Aspirator Tip to customers at the best possible value.

At Henry Schein Dental, we use our buying power to shop competitively, negotiate the lowest vendor prices, and then pass the savings along to you.

As the leading dental care industry provider, Henry Schein Dental can ensure that when your practice needs dental supplies you won't be hampered by latent demand or accessibility.

Henry Schein All-Gauze Sponge Non-Sterile | Aspirator Tip

Henry Schein All Gauze Sponges

Soft, pliable, and absorbent. Available in 3 sizes in both 8-ply and 12-ply styles.

Hager Worldwide Aspirator Tips

With Tongue and Cheek Retractor. Disposable, white plastic, with square tongue plate.

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