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Dry Socket Paste

Dry Socket Paste

Henry Schein carries Dry Socket Paste, from Sultan Healthcare, Inc., for patients suffering from dry socket after a tooth extraction procedure. Henry Schein also offers related Perio and Surgical Dressings including SOCKIT! Periodontal Dressing Hydrogel from McMerlin Dental Products and Coe-Pak Periodontal Dressing Paste from GC America. Shop our supplies today for the best Perio and Surgical Dressing solutions that best fit the needs of your dental practice.

Dry Socket Paste

Dry Socket Paste from Sultan Healthcare, Inc. is specifically formulated to relieve symptoms of alveolar osteitis – also known as “dry socket syndrome.” Dry socket is a condition that can happen after extraction, when the blood clot at the site of tooth extraction fails to develop, dislodges, or dissolves. This can cause intense pain for the patient. This pain can range from the dry socket to the ear, eye and/or neck of the patient if pain relief treatments are not provided. Dry Socket paste provides instant pain relief from dry socket. Simply apply Dry Socket Paste to the socket of the patient using a dental instrument or disposable syringe. After ensuring coverage of any exposed bone and the socket is covered, the paste will remain in the extraction socket for 3–5 days. There is no need to schedule a separate patient visit to remove the application, as Dry Socket Paste will gradually washout as the socket heals.

Dry Socket Paste from Sultan Healthcare, Inc. Used to Treat Dry Socket Syndrome

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