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Shipping Services

Shipping Services

ProRepair Shipping Services Contact us

ProRepair recommends all shipments be insured. *We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.


Sterilize all items to be repaired prior to shipment. Utilize Henry Schein sterilization pouches if necessary.

When utilizing a repair mailer kit, complete the Work Order form included in the kit. Please complete all the information including your customer number, phone number and problem experienced. Incomplete information may delay your repair. Retain the bottom copy for your records. For Ultrasonic Insert Replacement Service, please select tip types, quantities and shipping method.v

Enclose sterilized handpieces, inserts and/or instruments along with completed work order form in the bubble pouch provided, and seal it tightly.* If repairing handpiece(s), insert the bubble pouch into a UPS letter envelope or pak. If utilizing the ultrasonic insert or instrument sharpening service, insert the bubble pouch inside the enclosed cardboard envelope and seal tightly.

If packaging materials are required for small equipment repairs, please call 1-800-367-3674 and a ProRepair representative will be happy to provide you with a carton.

For Same-Day shipping, please utilize the enclosed A.R.S. label found in your mailing materials. Fill in your name and address on the top portion of the label. When the UPS driver arrives at your office, request a UPS Next Day Air letter envelope or pak. Insert the bubble mailer into the pak or carton and affix the addressed label to it. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE APPROPRIATE A.R.S. LABEL FOR THE SERVICE OF YOUR CHOICE. This will ensure the delivery of your package to the appropriate ProRepair facility without delays. Keep the lower portion with the tracking number, for your receipt and hand package to the UPS driver or drop it off at a local UPS facility.

Contact Us for More Information:

Phone: 1-800-367-3674, 8am-7pm (ET)