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Henry Schein Practice Analysis

Henry Schein Practice Analysis

Henry Schein Dental Practice Analysis

$100,000 in decreased cashflow sounds like a daunting number, however, if you break it down over 60 days (2 months) it's $1,600 per day or $200 per hour! The Henry Schein Practice Analysis enables you to understand current production and establish realistic goals to increase top line revenue. Consider this, ONE major film, SRP, sealant, and varnish per day = $100,000 per YEAR in production growth. Dental practices that utilize the Henry Schein Practice Analysis uncover an average of $90,000 in additional production growth opportunity.

Uncover opportunities in your practice.

Henry Schein Dental's Practice Analysis compares your Standard of Care to the procedures performed in your practice over the past year to create a benchmark for your practice. This comparison locates opportunities for improvement that can be converted to additional practice production. Following the identification of potential production opportunities, your Henry Schein representative will assist you with setting and prioritizing production goals and provide business solutions to meet those goals.

Business Planning and Discovery

Begin your Henry Schein Practice Analysis with a short and long-term business discovery session with your Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant. Together you will identify and prioritize business needs pertaining to business objectives, processes, and key enhancements to drive success.

Your Standard of Care

Tell us how often your patients should have an exam, a hygiene visit, scaling and root planning, periodontal maintenance, bite wings, and major films. The Henry Schein Practice Analysis will calculate how many of your patients were treated in accordance with your standard of care.

Fee Schedule Analysis

Henry Schein provides our customers with the most accurate fee comparison in the market today. Compare your practice's Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) fee schedule to fair and acceptable rates in your specific area. Review fees for all CDT procedure codes and properly balance your fee schedule each year!

Procedure Mix

Are you aware of how your practice is doing compared to national averages? Our procedure mix will compare your annual production data by treatment category and provide you with a review of how you compare to dentists around the country.

Coding Opportunity

Did you know that you could increase practice production by making simple CDT code changes on claim submission forms? Uncover coding opportunities in your practice and receive information on proper utilization when submitting claims to dental providers.