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Henry Schein Fee Analysis

Henry Schein Fee Analysis


Updated UCR Fees – Dental Fee Analysis at Your Fingertips

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The Henry Schein Dental Fee Analysis offers the most current UCR (Usual, Customary, and Reasonable) fees, providing dentists and dental professionals with essential insights into competitive dental fee pricing across various zip codes in the U.S. Learn how to optimize your dental fee schedule, keeping your practice ahead in an increasingly competitive dental industry.


  • Compare Dental Fees: Analyze the 40th to 95th percentile to gauge where your practice stands.
  • Real-Time UCR Fees: Access up-to-date UCR fees for all U.S-based dental practices.
  • Procedural Code List: Complete, current procedural code information.

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In Network? Balance UCR Fees for Dental Benefits

Concerned about dental benefit contracts? Henry Schein customers learn how dental benefit provider contracts are linked to their UCR fee schedules. Balance your fees effectively before negotiating PPO reimbursement contracts.

New Dental Practice or Relocating? Start Your Fee Analysis Now

Before your grand opening or relocation, Henry Schein's Dental Fee Analysis tool helps you determine the proper UCR fees for your target area. Enter the zip code, balance your fees, and set the right pricing strategy from the start!

Need Help with Dental Fee Balancing? Contact Henry Schein Practice Services

Unsure how to set the correct fee schedule? At Henry Schein, Rely on Us for all your dental practice needs. Reach out to our expert team, and we'll guide you through the process.

Pricing – Affordable Dental Fee Analysis Options

  • Standard Analysis: $150 per zip code analysis.
  • Thrive Signature Members: One FREE Henry Schein Fee Analysis or Henry Schein Practice Analysis included in your annual membership.
  • Upgrade Offer: Enhance any fee analysis to a full Henry Schein Practice Analysis for just $99 per zip code.

Determine the right UCR fees for your practice. Stay competitive with Henry Schein's comprehensive dental fee analysis.

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