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TeleDent by MouthWatch

TeleDent by MouthWatch

TeleDent by MouthWatch

Now integrated with Dentrix G6 and G7 to make the incorporation of this great solution even easier for your practice!

Connect With More Patients — In More Ways

TeleDent by MouthWatch provides a complete teledentistry solution allowing you to stay connected through virtual video consults as it helps to improve clinical outcomes, grow your dental businesses, and enhance the lives of your patients. With complimentary updates* and affordable pricing, TeleDent provides everything your dental team needs to incorporate teledentistry into your practice so you can extend your reach and care to patients virtually and collaborate seamlessly.

TeleDent rolls together the best features of teledentistry software, project management, treatment planning, and messaging into one solution that can help your office to have increased case acceptance and increased office efficiency including:

Live consults with enhanced video conferencing and screen sharing

Store and forward clinical evaluation

Cloud-based treatment planning

Mobile-friendly apps

Patient management

Health history and medical alert management

Radiograph upload and storage

CAD/CAM upload and storage

User-friendly patient portal

Screening forms and data collection

Intraoral camera integration

Consultations Anytime, Anywhere

TeleDent lets you see patients in a way that's safe and convenient for them while being affordable and efficient for you. Clinically integrate consults with video recordings, patient record connections, video snapshot capture, and more to make the experience meaningful and effective for you and your patients.

Review in Real Time — or Not

Meet with patients in real time, or hygienists can collect patient data and relevant information chairside and share with the doctor for later review—so you can evaluate, treatment plan, and case present at your convenience. If patients can't come into your office, TeleDent lets dental care come to them, helping mitigate potential risks for patients and teams.

Better Coordinated Care With Specialists

Whether you are a specialist or general practitioner, TeleDent helps you stay in the loop on the patient journey with flexible permissions and roles. Specialists can have a face-to-face live initial meeting with a patient who is still in the general practitioner chair in a single click. TeleDent lets you seamlessly share all clinical data without email and communication hassles, and with no-drop referrals.

Centralize Virtual Care for Group Practices

When specialists within a group practice provide virtual consults or collaborate through TeleDent, it reduces travel time between locations. Groups and DSOs can even use teledentistry as a virtual location—one where patients are screened, triaged, and assigned to locations or teledentistry appointments.

View this demonstration video to find out how TeleDent gives you the complete toolset you need to virtually coordinate care, reach patients, and collaborate seamlessly.

In-Office Demonstrations are also available. To schedule an in-office demonstration or learn more about TeleDent by MouthWatch, please call our Concierge Team at 1-855-801-1125.

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Setting Up Teledent Integration with Dentrix

Syncing Patients From Dentrix to Teledent


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Special Henry Schein Customer Offer—30 Day Free Trial PLUS $250 Set-Up Fee Waived

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Click here to see the complete TeleDent by MouthWatch terms and conditions.

*Complimentary updates apply only to the base level of features and functions.

† Evaluation Offer: This offer is for 30-day no charge evaluation only. Customers may not bill any third party for the use of this software during the evaluation period NOTE: Minnesota and Vermont imposes strict gift ban prohibitions. Customers licensed in Minnesota and Vermont are NOT eligible for this no charge trial offer through Henry Schein. All MN and VT licensed customers will be charged regular subscription costs for use of this software if subscribed through Henry Schein.

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