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Webinars & Videos

Webinars & Videos

Learn about the latest strategies, resources and tools to enhance your business from the comfort of your home. On-demand educational opportunities are available.

Our Next Webinar Is:

February 7

5 Ways to Increase PPO Reimbursement eAssist and Unitas

Speakers: Natalie Rogers, Chloe Hironaka

Time: 6:00pm ET

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Natalie Rogers
Chloe Hironaka

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5 Tips to Negotiate What You Thought Was Non-Negotiable
Lee Tessler, Senior Consultant of Healthcare Real Estate Leasing at Cirrus Consulting Group

8:00pm ET | Register »


How I 3D Print: Temporary Crowns, Smile Designed Mockup Shells & Night Guards for Restoration Protection
Matthew Annese, D.M.D.

7:00pm ET | Register »

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