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Q: What type of repair parts does ProRepair use on handpieces?

A: ProRepair’s In-House service uses manufacturer equipment parts when available and the finest generic made parts.

Q: Why does a handpiece typically breakdown during the warranty period?

A: Poor maintenance can contribute to mechanical failure. Autoclaving and lubricating procedures tend not to be followed thoroughly

Q: If a customer sends in a handpiece motor (low speed) and nosecone (attachment),is that considered one repair or two separate repairs?

A: It is considered 2 separate repairs. Some customers believe it’s necessary to send ProRepair both handpieces, because they are unsure where the problem lies. ProRepair will repair one and clean and lubricate the other if no problem exists.

Q: How should I ship handpieces to ProRepair?

A: We suggest utilizing an insured carrier. ProRepair provides FREE Same-Day Pickup.


Q: I need to send my small equipment to ProRepair for repair...How do I obtain packing materials?

A: Call ProRepair at 1-800-367-3674 8am-7pm (et), and a ProRepair customer service representative will be happy to send you the appropriate packaging materials for your small equipment.

Q: Are there any estimate fees associated with my small equipment repair?

A: ProRepair’s in-house service only charges an estimate fee for tabletop sterilizer repairs. For items repaired at the manufacturer, estimates may vary.

Q: What is a flat rate fee?

A: It is a predetermined fee that remains consistent, according to the labor involved in repairing that particular item.

Q: How should I pack my small equipment?

A: ProRepair suggest using a corrugated carton with bubble or foam-type material for security. Please wrap your small equipment in a secure carton. ProRepair is not responsible for damaged shipments.


Q: Should I call a service technician to service my sterilizer?

A: Yes. For a fee, a service technician will come and service your sterilizer in your office. In the event we are unable to service the sterilizer in your office, they may take it to their local sales center for servicing or ship it to one of ProRepair’s sterilizer facilities.

Q: Are rentals available?

A: Rentals are available from your local sales center. If a sterilizer is unattainable through the sales center, ProRepair will assist in trying to obtain a rental from one of our ProRepair facilities.


Q: What does the Ultrasonic Service Include?

A: All broken and damaged inserts are replaced with brand new inserts that carry a 120-day warranty.

Q: Which types of ultrasonic units are compatible with the replaced tips?

A: All magnetostrictive ultrasonic units including: Dentsply Professional, Parkell, Sonatron, Southeast, Tony Riso and company and more.


Q: Why sharpen and not retip?

A: Altering the integrity of the original manufacturer’s handle and tip assembly often leads to premature structural failure, resulting in serious risks. We suggest using only high-quality Instruments for optimum performance and longevity.

Q: What if the instruments sent cannot be sharpened?

A: Every instrument received by ProRepair is inspected FREE of charge upon its arrival. Instruments which are deemed to be beyond repair will be returned to the customer.

Q: Does ProRepair service ALL major instrument brands?

A: Yes. Some brands include: Hufriedy, Miltex, Star, Nordent, Thompson, American Eagle, Hartzell, Premier, Suter and many other imports and private label brands.


Contact Us for More Information:

Phone: 1-800-367-3674, 8am-7pm (ET)