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How Well Do Your Patients Brush?

Brushlink is an innovative device that attaches to any toothbrush—manual or electric—transforming it into a "smart" toothbrush. The Brushlink device connects to the complimentary Brushlink App via Bluetooth™ to provide real-time coaching to guide patients to brush at a 45° angle over all tooth surfaces.

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Accurately Track Your Patients' Brushing Habits Between Dental Visits

Through Dentrix, you can automatically link your patients' Brushlink data to their respective periodontal chart. This finally allows dental professionals to see the direct correlation between brushing habits and periodontal disease.

Smart Toothbrush Connector for Dentrix Subscription Fees:


The Benefits of Brushlink

Created by dentists who understand that good oral health is the key to good overall health, Brushlink was designed to address the fundamental challenges that come with dental hygiene education. By creating a link between you and your patients, Brushlink ensures that proper tooth-brushing technique is upheld even after a patient leaves your dental office.

Award-winning app to coach and motivate patients

Attaches to ANY toothbrush—manual or electric

Analyze brushing data and then customize brushing plans which will automatically update on the app

Through the app, your practice details will be available to help improve patient retention

Monitor patient brushing data through Dentrix in real-time

Visual 45° angulation brushing guidance

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  1. Order Brushlink exclusively through Henry Schein
  2. Download the Smart Toothbrush Connector for Dentrix and create your Brushlink account (NOTE: subscription fees apply)
  3. Educate patients on the benefits of Brushlink and get them started
  4. Monitor and analyze your patients’ brushing data in real time
  5. Create customized brushing plans (which will automatically update on the app) through Dentrix to ensure patients spend more time focusing on problem areas
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