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Henry Schein Cares Hygiene Pack Program
Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine Solution

Enabling the Delivery of Efficient AND Exceptional Care

A leader in digital health and a trusted health care solutions partner with extensive clinical research and medical technology expertise, Medpod is meeting the difficult challenges of health care head-on. We are equipping providers with a whole new approach to delivering efficient yet exceptional care. The advantage for practitioners: more effective and efficient care delivery for building patient retention. The benefit for patients: earlier and increased access to care for improved treatment outcomes.

Medpod develops, aggregates, and integrates medical software, hardware, and physical infrastructure into seamless, innovative care delivery solutions. Medpod builds upon the foundation of telemedicine, while completely reinventing it! The result: better health care, delivered more efficiently — further, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Medpod technology enables any practice, ambulatory clinic, hospital system, or health care organization to augment the medical care it delivers and empowers practitioners to improve patient lives and revolutionize health care as we know it.

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