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Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides

Henry Schein Website Quick Reference

Henry Schein Website Quick Reference Guides

The Henry Schein Medical Website offers several features and benefits aimed at supporting you and your practice. Our SCT Quick Reference Guide Section contains detailed blueprints of how to navigate and operate key features of the Henry Schein Medical Website. They can be viewed online or downloaded and posted for ready reference.

Independent Practices Programs
Controlled Substance Ordering System

Order your Class II narcotic drugs from Henry Schein using our CSOS-compliant, electronic schedule II ordering system (e222).

Click here to learn more.

Portal App
Mobile Ordering

Real-time ordering and tracking on your mobile devices, and downloadable on any iPad, smartphone, or android device. The Customer Portal App allows you to access your accounts, view your sales history, or search our entire product catalog to efficiently place your orders.

Learn about Henry Schein Medical Mobile Apps

Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

Using the Barcode Scanner allows you to scan barcodes to order products, generate a shopping list, or conduct Inventory Management tasks through an easy-to-use "point and click" process.