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Dentsply Sirona

inLab Profire

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Proven Technology

The new inLab Profire sintering furnace for zirconium oxide and non-precious metal restorations integrates proven process technology in a new design.

High-quality heating elements that have been long-term tried and tested and a homogeneous temperature distribution in the furnace chamber guarantee precise temperature control throughout the entire sintering process - for reproducible high-quality results.

High Flexibility and Process Efficiency

  • Prepared for conventional and speed sintering
  • Free programming for long-term and speed sintering of zirconia
  • Speed sintering for single restorations, frameworks and bridges
  • "Dry & Sinter" sintering with pre-drying
  • Fast heating rate (up to 120 degreesC/min)
  • Programmable autostart function
  • Simultaneous sintering of up to 60 units*

Sintering zirconium oxide and NPM - 2 in 1**

  • Sintering zirconium oxide and non-precious metal (inCoris CCB) in one furnace
  • To change it is only necessary to exchange the special sintering trays (integrated into the package)
  • Thanks to an integrated argon connection there is no further adjustment necessary

Technical Data:

inLab Profire Data
Accessories Speed sintering tray, rack, and fork for the sintering tray
Zirconium oxide sintering beads
Superspeed crucible, Superspeed cover, crucible fork, fireproof crucible rack
Options NPM sintering beads
Sintering tray system for inCoris CC non-precious metal
Argon gas management
Program types Speed
Conventional sintering
Pre-drying and speed sintering
Service programmes
Auto-start function
Dimensions (W x H x D) 360 x 780 x 534 mm
Weight 64 kg
Supply voltage 200–240 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal power 3500 W
Maximum sintering temperature 1,650°C

*For zirconium oxide; depending on size of restorations and sinter supports
**Optional with the inLab Profire Zirconia + Metal