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Kulzer cara® Print LEDcure

Kulzer cara® Print LEDcure


Kulzer cara® Print LEDcure

cara Print LEDcure offers the flexibility to set the time, temperature, and LED intensity to ensure optimal illumination conditions for all opaque & transparent 3D printed resins. The large chamber fits 4 to 5 models with long-life LEDS and a clear turntable enables homogeneous curing so there's no need to flip objects. All this creates a stable thermal environment for more complete bond formation and excellent mechanical properties in terms of flexural strength, elongation at break, edge strength and color stability—and restorations won't come out sticky.

Technical Details:
Unit size (W x D x H) 250 x 350 x 380 mm (550 mm high with open door)
Unit weight 12.8 kg
Illumination chamber dimensions (W x D x H) 170 x 200 (at base) x 170 mm
Transparent rotating plate diameter 150mm ø (= usable space)
Light source IEC Class I
Illumination source 10 LED modules w/ 5 LEDs with 3 watt each (= 150 Watt LED power)
Program Settings:
Temperature range 30–80°C Note: can be operated with no heating
Time range 1–30 minutes
Intensity 10–100% (i.e. 15–150 LED illumination intensity)
Warranty 1 year warranty for customers worldwide

Dima Cleaning & Post Curing Times

Kulzer cara® Print LEDcure

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