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3M Dental Preventive Products

3M Dental Preventive Products

As a dental professional, you need reliable products that minimize chair time and maximize patient satisfaction. That’s why 3M dental preventive products are backed by decades of clinically-proven technology and a team of solutions experts – so you can feel confident in the health of your patients and your practice.

3M Dental Preventive Products

Good preventive dental care for children and adults can help keep your patients healthy and prevent dental problems like cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. 3M offers a range of preventive dentistry products that provide a continuum of care—from cleaning to treatment to protection to maintenance—as well as education and training for dental professionals, and patient materials and videos for promoting preventive dental care in your office.

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3M Dental Preventive Products Clinpro™ 5000, Vanish™ Varnish & Peridex™

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