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Alginate Impression Material: Fast Set & Dustless

Alginate Impression Material: Fast Set & Dustless

Henry Schein Dental carries a broad range of regular and fast-set alginate powders from leading manufacturers, including Jeltrate, Supergel, Kromafaze, Kromatica, Cavex, Accudent, Hydrogum, Blu Jel, and the exclusive Henry Schein brand. Choose from alginates that offer the elasticity, consistency and set times you need — at competitive prices — to ensure detailed, accurate impressions and minimal patient discomfort.

Dental Alginate Impression Material

Henry Schein Dental offers a wide selection of alginates used to make detailed impressions of patients’ teeth for fixed and removable dental prostheses such as bridges, crowns, and veneers, as well as braces, mouth guards, and whitening trays. Dust-free, antimicrobial, and color-changing alginate powders, many available in regular and fast-set options, deliver consistent impressions with the tear strength, easy removal, and accuracy your dental, prosthodontic or orthodontic practice demands. Rely on Us for alginates to meet your dental impression needs — all backed by the Henry Schein guarantee of quality, convenience, and overall satisfaction.

Alginate Impression Material: Fast Set & Dustless

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