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Bib-Eze™ Dental Bib Holders

Bib-Eze™ Dental Bib Holders

Henry Schein supplies Bib-Eze™ disposable dental patient bib holders to customers at the best possible value.

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Bib-Eze™ Disposable Dental Patient Bib Holders

Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders use self-adhesive strips, to hold dental napkin bibs at the neck of the patient, in place of traditional bib clips and bib holders that pose the risk of cross-contamination between patients. The adhesive ends of the Bib-Eze™ Dental Bib Holders easily attach to any bib and stretch to a comfortable fit on every patient without sharp edges or cold chains. It is important to use a separate bib holder for each new bib. You will never have to clean a bib chain again, and in turn, avoid the risk of built-up contaminants on bib chains.

Bib-Eze™ Dental Bib Holders

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