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Cetacaine: Topical Liquid Anesthesia

Cetacaine: Topical Liquid Anesthesia

Henry Schein carries the best selection of Cetacaine® anesthetic solutions from Cetylite Industries Inc. Cetacaine® anesthetic is available in spray, gel and liquid forms. We offer Cetacaine® delivery tips in addition to clinical and chairside kits. Shop our supplies today for the Cetacaine® dental anesthetic solutions that best fit the needs of your practice.

Cetacaine: Topical Liquid Anesthesia

Contains 3 active ingredients (14% benzocaine, 2% butamben, and 2% tetracaine hydrochloride) to control pain and ease discomfort during dental and medical procedures. Indicated for uses on all accessible mucous membrane except the eyes. This topical anesthetic liquid has a rapid onset (approximately 30 seconds), with a duration of 30–60 minutes when used as directed. Not for injection. Pleasant Banana flavor. Prescription (Rx) only.

Cetacaine® Liquid Anesthetic Bottle

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