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Plastic Dental Chair Covers

Plastic Dental Chair Covers

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of plastic dental chair covers and surface barriers. Dental chair covers sold by Henry Schein are manufactured by reputable companies in the dental industry such as Essentials Healthcare Products, Pinnacle/TotalCare, and many more. Henry Schein also offers products including 27.5"x 24" plastic dental chair covers under the Henry Schein private label brand.

Dental Chair Covers

Plastic dental chair covers are used as surface barriers to aid in the prevention of cross-contamination in your dental practice. The disposable dental chair cover can be placed over your dental unit to prevent bacteria and fluids from coming in contact with your equipment. Maintain proper infection control procedures by using a combination of surface barriers and chemical disinfecting between patient visits. We have the best selection of dental chair covers offered in a wide range of sizes and available as plastic sleeves or rolls to best fit the needs of your practice.

Plastic Dental Chair Covers

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