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Colgate® Gel-Kam®: Fluoride Gel

Colgate® Gel-Kam®: Fluoride Gel

Henry Schein supplies Colgate® Gel-Kam® preventive treatment gel to customers at competitive prices. Shop our supplies today for the flavors that your patients prefer and browse our wide selection of Colgate toothpaste products including Gel-Kam®, PreviDent® 5000, Optic White® and others.

Colgate® Gel-Kam®

Colgate® Gel-Kam® Home Care is a 0.4% stannous fluoride preventive treatment gel used for caries prevention and hypersensitivity relief for at-home patient use. Colgate® Gel-Kam® treatment is a non-prescription formula available in two flavors that include Fruit & Berry and Mint. Package volume 4.3oz per tube, available 12 tubes per case.

Colgate® Gel-Kam® Home Care 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Preventive Treatment Gel

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