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Lactated Ringers Solution

Lactated Ringers Solution

Henry Schein carries the best selection of Lactated Ringers IV injection solutions from leading manufacturers including Baxter Healthcare, B Braun, Hospira Worldwide, and ICU Medical, Inc. Shop our supplies for the Lactated Ringers solution that best fit the oral surgery needs of your dental practice.

Lactated Ringer’s Solution

Lactated ringer’s injection solution, also known as sodium lactate or Hartmann’s solution, is used for fluid resuscitation when performing oral surgery and is comprised of a mixture of sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride in water. Administered through an IV, lactated ringer’s is used to provide patients with the necessary electrolytes after fluid loss occurs. Available in clear, plastic, non-latex packaging with a port closure, Lactated Ringer’s injection solution is USP certified, sterile, and disposable.

Lactated Ringers IV Injection Solution

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