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Colgate PreviDent 5000: Sensitive Toothpaste

Colgate PreviDent 5000: Sensitive Toothpaste

Henry Schein Dental carries a wide selection of Colgate® PreviDent® 5000ppm toothpastes in various sizes and flavors including special formulas for patients with dry mouth, hypersensitivity, and enamel hypoplasia. Shop our supplies today for the Colgate® PreviDent® 5000ppm toothpaste and gel that best fits the needs of your dental patients.

Colgate PreviDent 5000 Toothpaste

Colgate® PreviDent® 5000ppm prescription-strength toothpaste and gel can help manage your patients' caries risk. Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 products are the ideal therapy for patients with high risk for caries, dry mouth and hypersensitivity, as well as patients with orthodontics or those who require crown and bridge work. The clinically proven, prescription-strength 1.1% sodium fluoride formula, with 5% potassium nitrate, is your one-step fluoride treatment to help improve compliance. PreviDent® 5000 offers a mild cleaning system with low-level abrasion that is shown to reverse early root caries¹ even in patients who suffer from dry mouth and tooth sensitivity. Colgate® PreviDent® 5000ppm products are sold in 3.4 oz. bottles and 1.8 oz. tubes, packaged in cases of 12. Available flavors include Fruitastic, Spearmint, Mild Mint and Berry.

Please note: Colgate® PreviDent 5000pm Rx-strength formula is available by prescription only. If your State License number is on file we can ship this item to you. Otherwise, please include your State License number in the comments section of the order.

Reference: ¹Baysan A. et al. Reversal of primary root caries using dentifrices containing 5,000 and 1,100 ppm fluoride. Caries Res. 2001, 35:41-46

Colgate PreviDent 5000: Sensitive Toothpaste

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