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SURGICEL® Dressing: Absorbable Hemostat

SURGICEL® Dressing: Absorbable Hemostat

Henry Schein carries the best selection of SURGICEL® Absorable Hemostat from Ethicon Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company. SURGICEL® is available in a wide range of sizes, from ½x2" to 4x8". Shop our supplies for the SURGICEL® solutions that best fit the hemostatic needs of your dental practice.

SURGICEL® Dressing: Absorbable Hemostat

SURGICEL® absorbable hemostat (oxidized regenerated cellulose) is used to control the flow of an open blood vessel when performing oral surgery procedures. SURGICEL® can be left in the open socket, as the cellulose converts to glucose and saline. To ensure superior placement, sutures may be used to close the wound. SURGICEL® cellulose is bioabsorbable within 7-14 days.

Surgicel Hemostatic Agent Available from Henry Schein Dental

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