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3Shape F8 Scanner

3Shape F8 Scanner

3Shape F8 Scanner

The next generation of dual model scanning that enables technicians to do more. The F8 scanner was designed as a completely open scanner which speeds up workflows and allows users to scan and design with minimal scanner interaction.

  • Always open and ready for interaction
  • Bigger opening for faster and easier loading of models
  • Easy cleaning when things get dusty

More Efficiency

  • Dual model scanning for minimized scanner interaction
  • Intuitive magnetic place-and-scan design, auto-start, in-software and visual lights guidance, for improved user experience
  • Flexible ethernet-powered networking, for simple scanner sharing among multiple workstations

More Versatility

  • Easy articulator scanning with no fixation or removal of pin required
  • Exclusive F8 tools, plus the ability to use your favourite older tools, expands indication versatility and ease of scanning
  • A wide range of scan workflows allow you to provide a complete range of services to your clinics

More Speed

  • More than 20% faster* end-to-end workflows to reduce the time spent on scanning
  • 9 second full arch scan speed – the same fast speed as the award-winning 3Shape E4
  • Open scanner design for quick and easy access to place and remove models
*Compared to D2000

3Shape F8 Includes Exclusive New Tools

High quality tools, exclusively made for the F8—quality tools for quality work

The new scanner tools enable efficient workflows with fewer interactions—enabling you to do more, at once

The new scanner tools increase your flexibility to scan what you want, how you want. And your favorite legacy indication tools are also supported

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