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CURIE is equipped with a sophisticated UV-light source that enables users to do more in less time and space. Ideal for dental professionals who take biocompatibility seriously and care about patient safety.

Efficient Curing Space
Perfect curing chamber space for dental labs with digital workflows.

Equipped with an SD card reader for updating material settings and post-curing times.

Accuracy and Consistency
Preloaded optimal curing times database available at the turn of a dial and touch of a button.

Premium Performance
Smart UV-light source management system for maximized energy efficiency and the ideal light strength to prevent any deformation.

Technical Specifications:
Power Input 100 - 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Wavelength of LED 365, 385, 405 nm
Dimensions L 20 x W 22 x H 16 cm (Max)
L 7.87 x W 8.66 x H 6.30 inch (Max)
LED Power Output 70 W
Curing Time 1 sec - 20 min
Weight 3 kg
6.61 lbs