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3Shape Splint Studio is Now Available!

3Shape Splint Studio is Now Available!

3Shape Splint Studio is Now Available!

3Shape Splint Studio is Now Available!

December 18, 2019

Breaking news: 3Shape recently announced that 3Shape Splint Studio has received FDA 510(k) market clearance and will become available in the USA on December 18, 2019. 3Shape LabCare customers with either Complete Restorative or Premium software packages will receive the Splint Studio solution at no cost; included with their 3Shape subscription. Contact Zahn Digital Support for more information on how to get the upgrade.

Splint Studio is super-fast and intuitive allowing dental professionals to very quickly design and produce splint, night guards, protectors, and similar dental appliances which are some of the most profitable services they can provide.

With step by step workflows powered by 3Shape splint design software, Splint Studio includes many exciting features which make designing very fast, more efficient, and predictable. Resulting designs can then be milled or printed from an ever-growing range of supported mills and printers as part of 3Shape’s open ecosystem.


  • Automatic design:
    • Automatically raise the occlusal surface to the antagonist cusp tips and plane, so you can make slanted bite ramps with just a few clicks.
  • Several splint types:
    • Fast and intuitive workflow for the creation of splints, night guards, protectors, and more.
  • Extremely fast:
    • The software engine calculates the desired splint design in seconds, ensuring high productivity.
  • Mill or print-ready:
    • The splint design is automatically prepared and optimized for your selected manufacturing method.

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