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Pouring Models Just Got Easier

Pouring Models Just Got Easier

Pouring Models Just Got Easier

Eliminate Model Headaches with Wonderfill Tongue Filler.

Creating accurate models is a vital step toward obtaining well-fitting dental prosthesis. Pouring models using the correct technique and choosing the right products will make your lab more productive and save valuable time, materials and money.

When pouring models do you find yourself wasting time at the model trimmer removing excess stone? Are you too often mixing extra alginate to fill the tongue area and then having to clean the countertop, disinfect the bowl and sterilize the spatula? Have you ever heated wax to conform to the lingual aspect of the mandibular impression only to find it does not adhere well causing stone to infiltrate the periphery of the tray? What about starting over because undercuts did not allow the release of models from the impression and breakage occurred? The results are too well known: frustration escalates, productivity declines, materials are wasted, and the entire process is delayed.

In preparation for pouring models, attention must be given to the tongue area and voids which may appear in the impression. If the tongue area is not filled, stone will flow into the space, set up and lock the impression to the model. Separation of the impression from the model becomes difficult and can result in fracture. Undercuts also add to the demise of models. Patients that present with mandibular tori may produce large undercuts which must be filled prior to pouring models in order to obtain a smooth stone surface.

There are several approaches to filling the tongue area. One is to place wet paper towels in the tongue area. This method produces an irregular stone surface which requires additional time at the model trimmer to smooth the area. Another time-consuming technique includes using alginate to fill the area. This requires mixing, inserting it in the tongue area, and waiting for it to set. Moreover, time is needed to decontaminate work surfaces and equipment. Another process uses wax that has been heated and manipulated to fill the area. This procedure may not make a complete seal with the tray. Gypsum penetrates those unsealed areas resulting in an uneven surface.

After experiencing these disappointing results, you may be asking: How can I save time and money without compromising the accuracy and professional appearance of my models? There is an answer... Use Wonderfill!

Now, in just one quick, simple step, you can fill the tongue area and voids in seconds with Wonderfill. This water soluble product is ready for placement (requiring no mixing or preparation) and manipulates easily to conform to all locations.

When you add up Wonderfill's time saving results, convenience, and ease of use, it equals satisfaction. I refer to this product as simple superiority. Try it and you will too!


1. Foam a domed bridge in
the tongue area.


2. With Wonderfill in the tongue area
pour plaster/stone.


3. After plaster/stone fully sets,
pop out non-sticky Wonderfill.


4. Using only water and a brush, remove the slight residue that might remain.