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What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Joseph M. Saburn, Esq.

What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Joseph M. Saburn, Esq.

What to look for at the Zahn Expo from Joseph M. Saburn, Esq.

May 22, 2019 | Joseph M. Saburn, Esq.

This October we are heading to West Palm beach for the 2019 Zahn Expo! We have some exciting things lined up, including over 30 continuing education opportunities and Joseph M. Saburn, Esq.’s Keynote, “Managing the Change Imperative in the Lab Industry in 2019.”

In an industry that hasn’t stopped innovating or changing in the last decade, there are countless matters competing for the attention of every lab owner, manager, and technician; new technology, advanced materials, and the continuing trend of labs merging, acquiring one another, and consolidating.

Mr. Saburn’s presentation also talks about the outside factors at play. Customers’ expectations have been shaped by new experiences with online retailers and instant access to communication and information afforded by internet and digital technology. One of several themes that has emerged is that dentists are expecting more – more communication about cases, more accuracy in their restorations, and more value for their money. While this is possible, the challenge is harnessing resources and channeling them the right way as well as preparing for what may be around the corner.

Inside and outside of the lab industry, change has become one of the very few constants in the American business landscape. In order to better compete, companies are constantly looking to boost efficiencies, reduce production costs, enhance any market advantages through economies of scale, and capture or otherwise secure their customer base.

Join Mr. Saburn’s Keynote at the Zahn Expo to learn more about:

  • Why consolidation is a naturally occurring phenomenon in so many industries.
  • What steps companies can take to enhance and protect revenue streams, profits, and capture an ever-larger market share.
  • How startups manage consolidation trends.
  • How the current infrastructure of your business can position you for long-term success.

We hope to see you in Florida! For more information, visit: