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Image APN

Image APN

Image APN


Since 2003, more than 2 million sets of Image APN® denture teeth have been sold all across North America. That's a lot of new amazing smiles created with some of the best denture teeth, aesthetically and functionally, in the market.

Image APN® Teeth

  • Available in 35 anterior moulds and 32 posterior moulds
  • 16 shades, A-D, and two modern white shades

Image APN® teeth are made of a highly wear resistant resin material. APN, which stands for "advanced polymer network" uses different grades of cross linking and a special distribution of molecular weights to create a tooth with both enhanced resistance to abrasion and excellent bonding to the denture base.

Image APN® teeth are strong and durable, making them very resistant to wear and staining. The Image APN® teeth have been tested at the University of Texas and were proven to have superior wear resistance (study available by request).

Image APN® teeth have been a staple in the marketplace since 2003.

These premium denture teeth are backed by a 10-year warranty.

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