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V.F. Harmonique

V.F. Harmonique

V.F. Harmonique

V.F. Harmonique™ Porcelain Teeth offer a polychromatic blending with a natural vitality that only porcelain teeth can provide. The teeth are manufactured in an ISO facility under the strictest quality control guidelines for strength, function and esthetics, and are easily processed using standard porcelain tooth processing techniques. V.F. Harmonique™ Porcelain Teeth are reasonably priced, assuring that many patients can enjoy a beautiful, natural and radiant smile.


  • Vacuum Fired (Porcelain) Teeth
  • Posteriors of 0°, 10°,18°, 20° and 30°


  • American mould and European shade combination
  • Available in the most popular Vita® shades and three outstanding bleached shades

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