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Apex Locators & Accessories

Apex Locators & Accessories

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of high-quality Apex Locators from reputable dental supply manufacturers such as Kerr Endodontics, Dentsply Maillefer, Morita, and Coltene, among others. Henry Schein also offers products, including the MAXIMA® Apex Locator, under the Henry Schein private label brand. All Henry Schein Brand products are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence and are designed to meet all your dental practice needs.

Apex Locators & Accessories

Apex Locators are used to determine the working length of the root canal. Henry Schein offers battery-operated Apex Locators that include user-friendly, color LCD screens that make the canal information easy to read, while providing up to 97.5% accuracy. We also offer Apex Locators that provide the ability to work in wet canals, so that the measurement is not affected by blood, electrolytes, or other discharges. Browse our supplies for the Apex Locator that best fits the endodontic needs of your dental practice.

Apex Locators

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