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Disposable Face Shields

Disposable Face Shields

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of disposable face shields and face shields for loupes, manufactured by repuatable companies in the industry such as, Pac-Dent Inc., CC Face Shields, Dukal Corporation, Pacific Care Ltd., Protex International and others. In addition, all Henry Schein Brand face shields are designed to meet the infection control and safety needs of your dental practice. All are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence.

Disposable Face Shields

Disposable face shields help prevent exposure to splash, spatter and aerosols and provide full-face protection when performing procedures in your dental practice. Henry Schein offers a wide selection of disposable face shields that can be worn with loupes, face masks, glasses and goggles. Disposable face shields made with anti-fog coating ensure full visibility, while foam bumpers and “headbands” ensure wearer comfort throughout the course of your day. We offer pre-assembled face shields that are ready for use upon delivery. One size fits most. Shop our supplies for the disposable face shields and protective eyewear products that best fit the needs of you and your dental practice.

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