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End Tuft Brushes

End Tuft Brushes

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of dental preventive products including End Tuft Toothbrushes manufactured by leading companies in the dental industry such as, Sunstar Americas, Inc. and Oral-B®/ Proctor & Gamble. We also offer End Tuft toothbrushes under the Henry Schein private label brand of products. All Henry Schein Brand preventive products are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence.

End Tuft Brushes

End Tuft toothbrushes available from Henry Schein Dental are used to brush hard-to-reach areas that include, but are not limited to: postsurgical care, periodontal therapy, distal of the last molar, dental implants, and orthodontic maintenance. The single-tufted, tapered head of the End Tuft toothbrush allows it to navigate problem areas such as interdental spaces from receding gums and missing molars with ease. Shop our supplies today for the End Tuft toothbrushes that best fit the preventive needs of your patients and your practice.

White Single Tuft Toothbrush with White Bristles

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