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Oral-B® Glide® Dental Floss

Oral-B® Glide® Dental Floss

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of dental preventive products and floss including the full line of Oral-B® Glide® Floss products such as floss font refills, floss picks and flossers, and floss threaders. Browse our supplies for the Oral-B® Glide® Floss products that best fit the preventive needs of your patients and your practice.

Oral-B® Glide® Dental Floss

Oral-B® Glide® Floss from Proctor and Gamble is made of the same base materials as Gore-Tex®, its unique properties allow easy movement between tight teeth. Will not shred and minimizes ‘‘snapping’’ of floss into gums while effectively removing plaque and food particles between teeth and just below the gum line. Oral-B® Glide® Teflon floss font refills are unwaxed and packaged in office-sized containers for ease of use and disposal. Available in a wide variety of sizes and flavors including Unflavored, Fresh Mint, and Cool Mint.

Glide Floss Containers in a Variety of Flavors

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