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Johnson and Johnson Surgifoam

Johnson and Johnson Surgifoam

Henry Schein supplies Ethicon Surgifoam® Absorbable Hemostatic Sponges to customers at the best possible value.

At Henry Schein Dental, we have the most complete offering of premium products from leading manufacturers including our own Henry Schein Brand. You can Rely on Us to have the products you need, when you need them — in stock and ready to ship the same day! Henry Schein is the largest distributor of dental products to Dental Professionals. If you are a patient or consumer, please contact your local Dental Professional about purchasing any products shown on our website.

Ethicon Surgifoam® Absorbable Sponges: A Great Alternative to Gelfoam®

Pfizer has been experiencing a shortage on their Gelfoam® sponges. We are suggesting Ethicon’s Surgifoam® as an alternative to Gelfoam®. We have ample supply of this product and it is in stock and ready to ship!

Surgifoam® Absorbable Sponges are a sterile, porcine absorbable gelatin sponge intended for hemostatic use. Surgifoam® sponges liquefies within 2 to 5 days when applied to bleeding mucosal regions. It absorbs up to 40 times its own weight, completely absorbed within 4 to 6 weeks. It can be used dry or wet, saturated with sterile sodium chloride solution. Surgifoam® is available in two shapes, cube or flat sponges, to provide the most effective hemostasis treatment. Surgifoam® sponges are easy to handle: malleable and can be shaped as needed or easily cut to size. Sponges can also be sutured over. Surgifoam® Absorbable Sponges provide all the hemostatic healing needed for managing patient wound care.

Johnson and Johnson Surgifoam

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