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Oraqix® Periodontal Gel

Oraqix® Periodontal Gel

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of topical anesthetics for use in dental procedures including Oraqix (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) 2.5%/2.5% from Dentsply Sirona. Oraqix is a safe and effective non-injectable subgingival anesthesic that is approved by the FDA for dental scaling and root planing. Reduce patient anxiety by offering a needle-free alternative for localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets with Dentsply Sirona Oraqix and the Oraqix Dispenser.

Oraqix® Periodontal Gel

Oraqix® Periodontal Gel is a patient-friendly, needle-free application that is ideal for those requiring local anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing. Applied to the gingival margin and then to the periodontal pocket. Oraqix® dispenses as a liquid at room temperature and sets as a gel. Fast 30-second onset provides 20 minutes of anesthesia. Do not inject. The Oraqix® Dispenser is indicated for the administration of Oraqix® periodontal gel and should not be used to inject local anesthetic as doing so may result in inadvertent intravascular injections. It is not possible to aspirate the Oraqix® dispenser. Do not use on children.

Oraqix® Periodontal Gel & Oraqix Dispenser

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