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HSI AUTOPAY is an automated payment option that will save you time and money. You benefit from Henry Schein Dental’s extended terms and earn PRIVILEGES points.

Henry Schein Dental has always focused on providing our customers with innovative products and services to help them better manage their businesses.

The HSI AutoPay advantage (electronic payments) assists our customers in staying timely in their payments and offering a payment method that suits them best. You can authorize electronic payments through your business checking account for any of the goods and services you have purchased through Henry Schein Dental by using this convenient payment alternative.

Many businesses are shifting to electronic payment systems for a real-time advantage helping customers manage recurrent billing. This is an easy and stress-free way to ensure low-cost, prompt payment methods.

The HSI AutoPay advantage is a perfect match for today’s busy professionals and business owners seeking timely, dependable ways to keep their financial obligations current.

1. HSI AutoPay - Recurring payment:
Payments are made automatically from your business checking account—forget stamps, misplaced bills, and missed deadlines.


  • Full Terms (Payments will be deducted 14 days after your statement date.)
  • Earn additional PRIVILEGES Points (500 points for each month you are enrolled in HSI AutoPay.)

2. HSI Debit - One-time payment:
You can make a payment at your convenience.

  • HSI Debit - By Web
    You can also pay directly by going online—convenient and simple, just click and go!
  • HSI Debit - By Phone
    A Customer Service Representative can guide you through the "Check by Phone" process.

There are two way to enroll:

  1. Online, go to the My Account section of the Web site and click the link for AutoPay.
  2. Click here for the HSI AutoPay fax application.

Contact us for more information:
Phone: 1-800-472-4346 (8am-8:30pm, ET)

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