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Ackuretta 3D Printers

Ackuretta 3D Printers

The Ackuretta SOL is an LCD 3D printer with a monochromatic print screen specifically designed for same-day chairside digital dentistry. It prints at three times the speed of SLA printers and has five times more UV power than earlier models so that it can match DLP printers. SOL gives light to the full package needed for present-time digital dentistry.

Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer

Technical Specifications:
3D Print Technology Monochrome LCD Panel
Machine Size 27.1 (W) x 29.2 (L) x 41.6 (H) cm
10.7 (W) x 11.5 (L) x 16.4 (H) inch
Weight ~ 18 kg ~ 40 lbs
Print Size 128 x 80 x 140 mm
XY Resolution 49 µm
Slice Thickness 30 - 150 µm
Resin Wavelength 385 ~ 405 nm
Power Supply 110 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz