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AutoFinish Dental Finishing Machines

AutoFinish Dental Finishing Machines

MORE UNITS. LESS TIME. The missing piece of your dental laboratory's workflow.

AutoFinish Dental Finishing Machines
AutoFinish Dental Finishing Machines

AutoFinish Dental Finishing Machines, the only truly centrifugal force machine in the industry

Automate the finishing and polishing process, so technicians can streamline the production process.

  • Unmatched speed and precision: AutoFinish™ machines finish dental products 10 times faster than traditional vibratory tumblers without sacrificing precision and consistency.
  • Versatility: DCPC250 is compact and consumes less media and compound, while DCPC500 is ideal for larger quantities.
  • Quick changeover: Parts and media can be changed in less than a minute, saving valuable time and reducing downtime.
  • Validated with industry-leading workflows and restorative materials including print resins and zirconia.

The DCPC250 and DCPC500 AUTOFINISH™ Machines are easy to operate, user-friendly machines that enable dental laboratories to smooth, buff and polish prosthetics up to 10 times faster than traditional finishing methods with more consistency and precision.

Approved Workflows:


  • 3D Printed Dentures
  • Conventionally Processed Denture
  • Milled Denture
  • Stayplate (Temporary Partial Denture) with Ball Clasps
  • Partial Framework-Partial After Processing
  • Myerson DuraFlex
  • Valplast Partial Denture
  • TCS Partial Denture


  • All-On-X Conventional Hybrid
  • All-On-X Milled Hybrid
  • All-On-X 3D Printed Hybrid
  • Conventional Denture on Implants
  • Milled Denture on Implants
  • 3D Printed Denture on Implants

Crown & Bridges:

  • Zirlux® Transitions Zirconia
  • Zirconia Restorations
  • Full Cast Gold Restorations
  • Full Cast Non-Precious Restorations
  • Full Cast Noble Restorations

Product Specifications:

AutoFinish Product Specifications

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