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Trusana Premium Denture System

Trusana Premium Denture System

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The Trusana Premium Denture System Results in a Natural, Beautiful Smile

The Trusana™ Premium Denture System is comprised of: Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin, Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin, Trusana Bond Denture System Adhesive

The three products work together to create a premium denture with unmatched physical properties and lifelike esthetics that mirror the beauty and translucency of a natural smile.

Trusana's patented chemistry delivers an unfilled polymer with high-impact strength and toughness. The flexural strength, modulus, fracture toughness, and wear resistance of this polymer are well beyond that of conventional 3D printed denture materials.

With the Trusana Premium Denture System, labs are able to streamline production, saving time and money. The one-step bonding process allows for a simple, straightforward workflow with precision and consistency.

Getting started with the system is seamless. Trusana is validated on Asiga printers, with more validations coming soon.

Six tooth shades available: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and 51 (Bleach)

Four denture base shades available: Original Pink, Light Pink, Light-Reddish Pink, Dark Pink

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Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin



Flexural Modulus GPa
  • Trusana: 10.2 kJ/m2
  • ISO standard: 0.9 kJ/m2


Flexural Strength MPa

Flexural strength after 14 days in water

  • Trusana: 129 MPa
  • PMMA: 82 MPa

Source: Tham, W.L., Chow, W.S. and Ishak, Z.M., 2010. Simulated body fluid and water absorption effects on poly (methyl methacrylate)/hydroxyapatite denture base composites. Express polymer letters, 4(9).

Flexural Strength MPa

Flexural modulus after 14 days in 98.6° F water

  • Trusana: ~3.0 GPa
  • PMMA: ~1.2 GPa

Source: ATS Lab, Marietta, GA

  • ASTM D790-17
Flexural Strength MPa

Wear depth after 30,000 cycles

  • Trusana: 30.61µm +/- 7.59
  • PMMA: 62.81µm +/- 2.01

Source: Midwestern University Colleges of Dental Medicine, AZ

  • ASTM G133-95, Zirconia antagonist
Flexural Strength MPa

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