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Lab Day Spring 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To Our Valued Customers:

Advocate to Vaccinate

Based on feedback from our customers, Henry Schein has historically aligned with healthcare professional associations and others to advocate for your practice and professional needs, especially in this most challenging period.

In that regard, Henry Schein has been advocating on critical issues during the COVID period—initially in making PPE and point-of-care rapid testing available to office-based physicians and dentists, and most recently for the increased leveraging of the nation's trusted community of physicians and dentists in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine as more supply becomes available. This is especially urgent as new vaccines emerge that can be shipped and stored in conventional cold-chain conditions instead of the extreme freezing required of the initial vaccines.

The current vaccine distribution system, in our view, does not fully reflect the contribution that primary care physicians and other office-based practitioners can make to increase vaccination rates, a point we made recently in an appearance on "Squawk Box," CNBC's flagship show. We advanced the view that family physicians and dentists have deep, trust-based relationships with patients, understand their health histories, and can address the many questions patients may have about a vaccine.

This also happens to be the view of your patients. The highly regarded Harris Poll recently released data showing that Americans, by far, trust the opinion of "my doctor" regarding the vaccine and are most comfortable receiving the vaccine at "my doctor's office." It's clear patients are more comfortable having an opportunity to be inoculated by their doctor, who can administer the vaccine in a long-established, trust-based environment. This is why a significant percentage of flu vaccines historically have been administered in physician offices.

Of course, we fully support all avenues to achieve widespread immunization. We are not advocating for one channel of distribution of vaccines over another. Instead, our view is that multiple channels are vital in this effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy and speed the process, but that the system, thus far, isn't fully leveraging primary care physicians and dentists.

That's why we are speaking with government officials to call for more effectively involving primary care and other physicians and dentists, working in their offices and partnering with community-based vaccination sites. By making COVID vaccines available to physicians and dentists, we would open up hundreds of thousands of additional vaccination sites in the U.S., enhance vaccine uptake, reduce health inequities, and accelerate the nation's efforts to return to normalcy.

We see our role as helping you provide quality care for your patients while doing our part to make the world better and safer for all.


Stanley M. Bergman

Stanley M. Bergman
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

March 11, 2021

Where Can I Get More Information?

Please contact your local Henry Schein consultant for specific inventory inquiries or visit Henry Schein Dental, Henry Schein Special Markets, Henry Schein Medical, or Zahn Dental websites for more details.

For information about the virus and tips for staying healthy, please visit the WHO and CDC websites dedicated to this issue.

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As co-founder and private sector lead of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, Henry Schein is working closely with our manufacturing and supply chain partners, as well as global health organizations including the World Health Organization, the Chinese Ministry of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, to address shortages as they occur.

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